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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  July 14, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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youuthought it was oing to be a rainy week. -p>> it has been that and we are getting a break for the most part. we have a chance foo a ouple of county under a flash-floodú waach. taae a look and sse that the only county we sse under a flash most of the activity hhs moved %ortheast. as we put things into otion,,33 new jersey. on the weetern part f maryland. sooe of that activity will move through tte central ounties and -he eastern shore later this morning and through the %-wise.n baltimore temperaturehe 75 ind.c. 75 in hhgerstown. a hot and humid day as tempeeatures cliib toú%90 degre. kcan't rule outta shower oo thunderstorm. it justtwon't be aa widespread as it ould be.
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we will alk about the timing of thh storms but right now candac3 %--> reporter: steve, thosee. storms did comm through ú%sterday and a llt of rain. in fact, now it's causing flooding thii morning. you will ind it n the ramp ú% to northern parkway. just be aware, it's right t the -ase of the ramp. it will definittly slow you down movinn through the area. on 83 just above the beltway, traveling ttrough altimore county, things look muuh betterr there are no ncidents to3 report. here, it is, northbound and southbound lanes the cars are zipping along in both directions. as for the beltway scooting throuuh the area from 83 up toward 795 wiee i!! 795 ww're i8 minntes at 52 miies ppe hour. and an lech-minute ride -- 11-minute ride from 795 o 95..3 everything is a-okay to route 32. right now 10 minutes, 62 miles per hour there. that's a lock at the morning patrice, back over to you. 6:01 n fox 45 morning news.
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a prayer service will be held for the ellicott city teen injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda this week. her leg was shattered in the explosion. she underwent surgery yesterday us wwth the latest on how eeily is doing this morning. good mornnng, megan. there was even tall that emily's leg mmght be ampuuatee. we know that she made it through surgery yesterday. doctors were able to pii her leg and she is doing well. emily was with fellowú -issionaries watching the world cup final at a restaurant when the bomb went off. it's one oo two attacks that happened president countryyon sunday. at least 15 -- happened in the country on sunday. at least 15 people have bben killed and dozens have beenú injured. the parents goo in last night our time, and are expected to be at emily's bedside todaa.
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>> dad and mom want to be there >> o lift emily'ssspirits here at hooe, friends and pamly will- family will come together in prayer where emily went to school. emiiy's ggandmother was also on that mission trrp. her rr was broken in thh attack, buu we're told she has been with emily through this entire thing. megan gilliland, fox 45 morning ú%wss anne arrndel countyy3 officiils say lightning may be to blame for a ouse fire in church ton. ffaaes broke out around 10:00 last night. it ttok 47 ffrefighters just under an hour to get the blaze under control of the one person3 was inside at the time. she wassaale to get out of the house okay. investigatoos say the fire home. significanttdamage to the laat night's storms are being blamed for ore damage in strong wiids uprooted a huge tree on bateman avenue
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northwest. the tree fell on a fence breaaing it. the homeowner says she couldn't believe whht she saw. >> i felt a little clouds coming and the next thing the rain aad everything came on it at once. the big old tree on my yard. it lifted it up out of the yard and fell over. down the block. this photo was taken llst night by antonio who lso lives innthe neighborhood. if you see weather damage in your neighborhood, see it, shooo it, send it you can up load %-click on tte see it, shoot itú send it icon. a multicar pile up on i-95, sends severrl peeple to the hospital. it happened about 2:45 this this wws the sccne a little ovvr an hour ago. four people were taken to hospital..3 there's no word on what leddto the accident or the coodition of
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the viitims. all lanes of 95 were blockeddatú one oint but all oo those lanes are now open. two men are recovering after being shot last niggt in east baltimore. it happennd just before 9:00 on north wolf street. police say one man was shot on theelower back. the other victim shot in he leg. both are expected to survive. there's no word on a suspect. a rape suspect mistakenly released by pooicee s back in custody. earnest clark was arrested in norrheast baltimore yesterddy. up o three weekss go, clark was in jail for failing to rrgister in may he was charged with the rape of a womaa back in 2000. but duuing an appearancc in baltimore court a child support issue he was mac!!!mistakenly rd
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lost. ii's important not tooshowú all yours cards. you ant to try to find him without them knowing it. process 1,000 cases a year and they don't know what happened to the paperwork on this case. think? should the policeehave notified mistakenly releasing the rape suspect from jail? it's oor questton of the day. we will take your calls during our 7:00 hour. you can go to3 ask tell us what you think or ssund off through facebook. send us a weet through fox baltimore or texx your answee to police arrest a formeres or employee of a dentist found beaten to death in anne aaundel county. duante jitter, indicted on the first-degree murrer charges. family members called police when he neverrcame home that night.
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hickman worked as an office mmnager at the office at one time. she and jitter ar git jeeer ared with robbery. of baltimore hav has been laid o %-family anddfriends packed into the church f the redeemed our lord. >> john was the type of person that was fun, yyu know what i ú%an just joking around a lot, you know what i mean. he was a great, great athlete, of course. gone. ú% crowder wwssshot just a few blocks away from his grandmother's northeast ú%ltimore home on uly 5th. she says she tried to keep her grandson away from all of thh violenne in the neighborhood by sending him to live with a coach. he was forced to come back when the coach's family was moving oot of state. %-motives in the case.s or has to offer without all oo the3
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tourists. that is how developers are looking at plans for a new residentiil park in harbor east3 joel d smith is there with who all of this is designed for. >> reporter: hear that, you knnw how quiet that is? that's somethhng you don't etú at the inner harbbr especially %-ttat is something he they want to retain here. to ttansform into a park for ttw long has this idea been in the works. >> since 2007. >> reporter: that is when the localsssaid we need something. >> absolutely we had a local with the baltimorr family alliance and the partnership to3 make this park a reality. >> reporter: they were looking for something to doú anywaa. >> thhre's going to be tww large areaa that are made out of there's going to be berms that
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llne the walls to make it a safety area. there will be sculptures from local artists and 70 trees. picture of what it's going to look like. thattis gooig to be great. it costs money, what is it going to be. >> $$.2 miilionnis ur budget. we have raised half through public sector and local residents from, yeah. >> reporter: you need more, though. >> yeah, aasolutely. we're loooing for moreemore. >> reporter: you wwnt to help, she will take he check and put it toward pierce's park. they are looking to getting this done by next yeaa if everything >> thaa willlbe very nice.ú -alk about the play areas forú %-traditiinal play area. >> rrporter: talk mooe abbut thh plaa area looks like. we hear it's not traditional so better. >> there's going o be two segments of he areas that will up and it's going to be of large
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berms and a lower tunnel and a large boat 61l sculptures that s going toobe there. >> reporter: more oo an ú%tistic viewpoint to climb on and not just swings. >> sounds great. joee, thank you so much. the navy ays it's found inconsistencies in the naval academy honor code. -he navy says it rrviewed the cases off27 middhipmen who violated the honor codd in the last year and how the academy handled hose case. as a result,,theenavy says two ú%udents who were dismissed for honor iolations shouud not have those students will be offered a chance to retuun to the academy. leak, but is it wooking? what do officials plan to dd with the ale i oil if it does ce >> reporter: i'm joined by
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how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier.
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it's a horse of a different cooor.3 not really but plenty of animals will be at the county fair this week. meteorologist emily gracie is -ive at the hometown hot spot: thaa would be neat, a horse oo a different color. >> that was a goat. and i'm talking tt ana patterson abbuttthee4-h fair going on thhs weekend. a lot to come out and enjoy. what can the families come and see this weekend. >> the families can come and se3 cattle, swine, sheep and even
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alpack as. all of the animals are projects that the kids hhve been working onnthe eetire day. and the 4-h fair is a place -here theyycan comeeand show off what they havv bbee working on for the entire year. ú%eeeed? i will be showing breezy and myopig wallo. thiigs will you e showing?ú her and juuging howwshe looksth and how i resent her. and for the pig, we will be doinggthe same showing and we will be doing market for the judge how they lookkand how they would do as neat. >> reporter: ttank yyuu danielle. the baltimore county 4-h is at3 the maryland state fair downdz s starting today. for moreeinformation, go to and it is indoors, so a little bit of rain in the forrcast. -e had some rain this morning.
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we o have someerain coming in possibly later on this you can comm inside and roam%-at a little bit of rain out there, steve, do we havv more rain ccming? is it done. >> reporter: not, and i'm thiiking the heattand humiditt, that is back, too. >> definitely. >> reporter: ttae a look, we're looking at cecil coonty throughh10:00 a.m. because we froo the rain and a little bit nottas much ain, but a half an inch of rain ouldn't be impossible for there aad evenn3 other parts of the state. take a look at the amount oo rain that has fallen from midnighh. %-area and again we're looking t an additional amounts and a half ú% inch possible today. heee is what we haveeon the hd the north and east bringing some
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of that rain with it. however, we still see the movement to the north and east3 with the wraparouud, the lowú pressure center that is sitting in uppee layers of the atmosphere but we will move too3 theecentral parr and eastern shorr laterrttis morning and tooard the afternoon. the best chance of showers ann thunddrstorms will bb early morning to the afternoon. most of the activity will conninue to move off to the north and east. you see lightning strikes off to the north and eaat. that is good news..3 we ook at the water vapor imagery first. the white innicating where all of the moisture is and that is ú%y the upper level low we're still going o see a chance of showees moving through. eventually it moves to the nootheaat and it takes all oo that rain withhit. still shooers wrapping around the north and east and bringiig us a dry day tomorrow ann most %-brings us another chance of showers on friday night into saturday.
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hereeis what we goo, 74 degrees in baltimore, 75 in d.c., the same in salisbury and in hagerstown. the do you pint i dew point is . cannt rule out shower or even %-the central part of thhestateú has ccance, hower or thunderstorm especially latt we're looking at half an inch additional rain n hose areas that gets the thunderstorrs. 88 degreessfor the western part -f maryland and tonight, 73 deggees, just the chance of and thunderstorm in the evening. mostly cloudy skies will turn partly cloudy and mostly clear overnight settinn the stage for a very nice thursday, as ar as sky conditions and fridaa with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies nd the low 90s. however, it will be hot ann humid. 92 the thunderstorm chances return late friday into sunday. 92 forrsunday, monday and tuesday a chance of showees and thunderrtorms with a high of 90 degreee. the heat doos stay with us. now candace dold is here with a look at what the chuue looks like thhs morninn -- theecommute looks like it morning.
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she as the traffic edge. >> reporter: thaak ou steve. we have had ur fairrshare of probllms to talk about this morning. west side stretch and 63 miles per hour moving through pikesville. one thhng we have been talking about throughout the ennire3 morning is flooding. ú%l oo the storms that came %-what we're left with this ss3 you will find it on the ramp from the southbound llnes of 83 itts right at the base of the ramp. just use extra caation as you travel through the area. noo on the northbound lanessof the jfx, there's nothing to3 disturr the drrve making the trek all the way through that region eventually up toward rux ton road anddupptoward the speaking of the beltwaay3 you can see it's oing o be a relatively eass drive on booh ú%inner loop stretch up toward . 95 we had earlier trooble hat has since cleared out. let's see how things are shaping
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here it is at caton avenue. those cars are cruising along in ú%th directions. that's a look at morning3 travels. patrice, back to ou. thank you, candace. coming up, don't beefooled by the low cost of airline fares. how yyu can be paying more than what you bargained for. >> next preparing or the worst. what officials are doing to find
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>>officials at the national ii the oil spill will affect the chesapeake bay if the oil comes this ar north. they'rthey're studying the saraa bay. it will allow researrhhs to see if any oil of the from the spill ú%ll affect any natural
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resource. new containment cap to see if it will wook in shutting down the oil leak. >> reporter: trying to seal off the leak, the wait goes on a critical operation. officials delay on testing the tags. instead ttking precautiins on tuesday to make ure thht everything is ii place to proceeded. when they go forward reading in the pressuur in the well is key. >> the one thing we eed to ook for is low pressurr, to tell us there's problems with the integrity. >> reporter: a higher pressure eading means the leakú is being stopped. if thii cap works to stop the spiil, t will only ee3 %-the relief comes from the wels ttat will be ready tt work next. -espite the cautious optimism damage is already donn. >> even if the well is capped in
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significant amount of oil and the oil recoveryyanndthe impact of oil will xtend well into thú fall in terms of the oil coming onshore, tar balls and beachh3 clean up. >> reporter: the obama administratiin sent anothhr bill that is atop of another. ú%3 million that bp was billed by the federal government. could take as little s six hours or several days to find out the results. in washington, i'm sandra, den . to passing the ew financial s reform bill sniz right no. righttnow it's surreal. i can't believe it's happeeing. >> next a teen and a
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stocks rallied on tuesday following sttonger than exppcted earnings. the major verages gained ground for a 6th straight session. closed with gains. new financial rrgulation right democrats say they have the 60 %-republican filibuster and pasú the reform bill.ú >> it will prevent a financial crisis from this happening again. reporter: after analyzing base faars and extra charges for nine major airlines, the cheeking two bags and requesting extra leg room, left a traveler pagaa average of 55% more of the base price. ttey ant the airlines to
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disclose all fees up ront. fees are disclosed onnthe airlines ebsite. it's still tough o find a ú%b. ú%e labor department found there were 2.3 million jobs openings in may, though march and aprrl numbers were artificiallyy33 inflated with temporary census jobs. sports icon. ww look back at hoo yankees owner's george steinbrrnner changed baseball. her leg was shattered in a we will ind out hoo the teen is doing after surgery. >> reporter: what does that really mean. we will tell you %3
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6:29 is the time. youure takingga wet look at baltimore. good mmrning, i'm patrice harris. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig. you were taking a live look at that picture. did you see the puddles. >> i did not see an umbrella. we are seeing the chances f showers later today and we have a flash-flood watch in cccill3
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county,,but that only lasts until 10:00 a.m..3 still a chance of a shhwerrfor flash-flood potential area. showers on the backside of the low pressure. you see it spinning arounddand3 thaa is what is happening. in the western counties around frederick county and allegheny county seeing some showers and the rest of us seeing some of that move through. todayyprooably a half an inch oú so at most and not as big a deal. still additiinal rainfall and needed rainfall still. 74 degrees in baatimooe, 71 the temperrtures righh now, the 10:00 a.m. for ecil county. we will get you the ddtails on the channe for ome showers forú the rest of the us and what is -head of us for the weekend. candace old is here with loo. >> reporter: thanks, stevee ú%sterday in any parts of the area and unfortunately it's %-therees flooding to talk about
6:31 am
and it's on the southbound lane3 of the jfx on the raap to northern parkway. it's right at the base of the ramp. be aware f it and be sure o slow down when cooting through the area. as far as the beltway is concerned once you make it out -herr, let's see how things are3 looking. right now at the 83, you can see -he volume is definitely starting to build there especially on the ouuer loop lanes, but all in all, fromm8333 up toward 795, we're sttll in the green right now. really no significant delay only an 8-minute ride, 53 miles per hoor. minute clip from he 795 down toward 95. -nd everything is in he clear on southbound 95 from the fort mchenry tunnel toward the beltway, 8 minutes at 55 miles per hour there. that's a look at the mornings ellicott city teen injured ii the terrorist ommings in uganda wwll come together in prayer today..33 ú%e was on a mission trip when a
6:32 am
bomb exploded outside oo a restaurrnt earlier this week. she has made it successfully through surgery at a hospptal and megan is here with more. >> reporter: emily's leg was ssattered in that attacc andú there was talk that it mighh need to be amputated. she made it throogh surgery yesterday and doctors were able ú%e was walkiig a final at a it's one of two attacks that happened in the ountry on sunday. at least 15 people have been killed and dozens more likee3 eeily have been injured. her parents flew to south africa to see her. %-and areeexpected to see emily, today. it's the firss time they have beennable o talk with their daughter. all they want to do is gee
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there and see their daughter. friends and family will come together in prayer at mount where emily went to school. emily's grandmother was also on the mission trip. her arm was broken in the attack but we are told she has been with emily the whole time. -egan gilliland, fox 45 morning news. a baltimorr man s on trial %-opeeing statements on the tril of robert lee murphy starttd yesterday. the man is facing murder and chargessin the death of stephen. he had been shot in the head. a candle light vigil is scheddued this evening on thee3 site of a weekend homicide. the vigil is being heed in ú%mory of yolanda howard. police discoverrd her body on west 22nd street. she was found in a parked car with gunshot wound to he head.
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howard was pronounced ead at the scene. investigators are still lookiig for her killer. passsngerssstranded owe a hot marc train ithhno air-condiiioning re get. they are offering ayone who was on train 538 on junee21st, 5 marked vip passes. each pass is good for a round trip on marc.. to receive the passes, rriers must fill out a enforma the mta website by august 13th. theecompany submitted a new smart ggid proposal to theú subservice commission on monday. first plan because they said it financial plaa..3 selectinn the plan for customers %-monthly bills.charre on
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bge says the meters will hhlp save people mmoey by helping them control energy usee maryland's first lady kitty3 o'malley anddstephanie rawlings-blake want toomakk sure that people are preppred for the heaawave. theyywill be at a cooling center. they will go over safety tips to help people beat the heaa and -alk about ennrgy assistance.3 a new poll in the race for u.s. senate in maryland shows it isn't shaping up to be close at -ll. the poll by rasmussen shows lon3 time incumbent ee democrattsenr leads her challengingg58 to 33%. he is one of 5 republicans to trying to winnthe republican nomination for u.s. senate.
6:36 am
polls continue to how ttat public policy polling shows that the opall o'malley leads ehrlic. with a margin of more than 4% they're essentially tiee. but in a recent as us muse rasn poll there's a bit of a change. their fundraising figures by tomorrow. harris has raised more than $73,000 in the latest quarter in so far.e for congress. he is looking at the first incumbent frank kratoviil to stay up to the atess n the elections thissyear, go to
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tte latess the harbor has to offer without all the tourists.3 joel d smith is live there now %-really designed for and hat s going to go innit. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning..33 we're used to things being so beeutiful at the inner harbor. look better, choppy ground and that is going to change. how unique is this spot. >> it's great..3 it's one of the last available green laces at the inner harbor. it's located between the3 >> eporter: a lot ofrn residents wanttd something nee. what have they beenndoing to try to entertainnthemsslves aad take strollers in the meantime.
6:38 am
located. in 2007 his daughter emily started putting toggtter a park3 after his passing two years ago3 they decided to name the park in his name. >> reporter: we have a rendition of it. what do you think is the number one people that people will notice when they ome here. to notice that there's 77 trees and local speciis and ocal sculptures. it should be a fantasttc place. >> reporter: by next year,3ú bbt of private funding. put it together, $2 million. once they start putttng it of months. by next summer it should be here..3 a lot of people are here, the tourist will come local here. >> reporter: the tourists have plenty of stuff to go do. you're nice, they will come by, though it's tecccally fo teccnie
6:39 am
bidding will start today for %-he is getting a bunnh of buzzn ú%%-season.ajor league baseball and now a rare card is hitting the auction block. the prospects starts ttday and some are predictiig the card to end up selling for $50,000. i was thinkinggabout bidding more my dad but not anymore. p>> the wner oo the ew york yankees died, coming up the team looks back on george steinbrenner's life and his we're mmnitoring onditions on the roadways for your morring commute. here is a live look at the beltway at rouue 40 atú%volume s through the area. i will show 3
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6:41 is the ttme oo fox 45 morning news. let's check in wwth ú%teerologist steee fertig and see what we can expeet as we head through thh rest of our day. >ittcertainly did., steve. there could be peeks of sunshine mixxd in. cecil county under a flashhflood %-10:00 a.m. while no othhr counties are under a wwtch. it doesn't meaa that we can't have a couple of showers round.
6:42 am
ww had an additional 2/3 offan inch of rain yesterday in the baltimore, the cwi area, but downtown as much as an inch or3ú more there. it variessa little bit. %-and southeast.o the northwest again e could see some showers moving through later. we see the movement of the low pressure centee movvng north and east..3 on the backkide of it moisture and showees moving in to the western part of the area around at allegheny county. -ooking to a quarter o half %-that do see shooers, butas generally the bulk of the rain is moving to the north and east and ii's taking a lot of it's moved off to the east. the thunderstorms well off o the nnrth and east out of ourr3 way for the time being, anyway. there's a chance of a thunderstorm aaounn, but eelly today not as strong a chance.ú nevertheless, aaloo of moisture
6:43 am
in the atmosphere. wraparounddmoiiture ann a chance of thundershowers as you see %-this morning and into the eary afternoon, probably the prime time foo it. later in the afternoon tapering off as drier air begins too oveú inn ttrning mossly cleer aa the high %-on our region for late friday into saturday when we could have more showers and thunderstorms hot and humid through the week.ú 77 degrees is wherr we ssart in baltimore, 75 in d.c., 75 in salisbury and 75 in hagerstown with the dew points in the low 70s. we will feel warmer han it actualll wwll read on the thermomettr, 744ddgrees in thee3 eastern shore today. is what ww're expeccing for the -igh f theeshower possible here, probably more isolated in nature later in the morning and into the aaternoon, 90 degrees for the high and then in the western part of maryland, a high temperature there of about 88 degreee. another hot and humid day with iiolated in if ature.e just
6:44 am
showerr thhy will taper off by later tonight as we et to 84 at for the overnight low,, a warm and humid weewon'' rule out that ssowee anddthunderstorm chance in the evening. eventualll it does and drier air works if for the thursday and friday. 93 and a chance of thunderstorms ú% theefront moves n on sattrday. 92 both sunday and onday witt thunderstorms returning on tuesday and a chance ofú thunderstorms againnon monday. it's going to be a warm and let's see whht is happening oo the roadways with candaae dold. >> rrporter: so far things are looking good on the parts of the beltway this mmrning checking in on the actual speees, 62 milessperrhour near harford roadd 64 traveling through pikesvvlle and 63 near securrty boullvard. however, we do have trouble inn3 howard county hat we want to alert you to.ú itts the crash ttaa completely shutssdown aal rains of route
6:45 am
216. it's right at bbowns bridge road. you can always use hodge hop road and hop over tt simpson road as the alternate route. on 95 ssooting through the area, there's nothinn to complain about just he volume starting to increase ann even the northboond stretch up toward route 32. farther up on 95, near the that looks. -t looks great. thoss lanes are starting to fill up with the cars but no brake lights on either direction. then on 95, it's pretty much in the greennscooting through 95ú -nd eventually toward the ú%ltway in bbltimore. let's see how things look at ka3 tons avenue this morning. it's going to be ncident free there both the northbound and southbound lanes as well. ú%at's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back to you. they're takkng america by ssorm. >> teen sensations theejonas brothers have been rocking out
6:46 am
and stealing hearts since they first hit the musiccscene. nowwthe boys hav are coming to y lube live, formerly known ass33 nissan pavilion. tickets are avaalable now but we %-all this weee e''e giiing awe tickets to see the jonas brothers live in concert. win. coming up theei phone 4 hasn't been living up to expectations.3 the recommmndation consumer reports ii giving to bbyers. he is a piineer in bassball. and the boss dies aftee a massive heart attack. next we look back at
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6:48 am
>w this morning, anna run lightning may be to blame for a house fire. it took 47 firefighters under an
6:49 am
hour to get the laze unddrú one person was innide at the time. shh was able to get ut of the -nvesttiatorrsssy the fire started in the attic and there was significant damage to the home. a multicar pill up on i-95 sends several people to the hospital. it happened at 2:45 this morning thisswas the scene over an hour agg. ffur people are taken to the hospital. there's no word on whht led to the accident or the ondition of the victims. all lanes wwee blocked but all lanes are now open. 14 time olympic goldd3 medalist michael phelps will shaae his swimming skills with kids in balttmore today. children as he lache lluuches hs paarnership between the phelps3 association and the city schools. comfortable ii thh water.
6:50 am
tributes are streaminn in ú%r new york yankees ownnr george steinbrenner. he died esterday after a heert attack. new york. look at his legacc in >> reporter: nown as the boss of baseball. new york yankees into.ú he was knoon for ruling with an iion fist and for winning. they won 10 pennants aater he >> i don't like to lose.73. ú%don't like to lose for yankees i jjst don't like to lose. i'm not a good looser. >> reporter: >> it helps to gee him from occasions. he did run hrough mmnagees in almost a comic fassion buu att3
6:51 am
ú%e same time he has all the >> reporter:tte3r it, the shps. championssips. he raised, i believe, the level of not only the yaakees organizations nd what they ant -o do as far as winniig and winnnng champiinships. baseball ud see lick said that he will be as much of a yankke as legends like babe ruth and >> reeorter: there will be an additional public service but no details have been announced on that. ccming p in the 7:000hour, batteries always wear down33 fastee than we like. >> my son is always hitting thh button. >> the new typp of bbttery that uses a usb port to keep them
6:52 am
going longer than ever before. next apple runs into big problems with its new big i phone. ñéáá'q'qry y y y eáe
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6:54 am
apple's new i phone 4 has a design defect that could lead to dropped phone calls. now consumer reports magazine ii noo recommending the phone because of it. -hey tested the phoneeand that confirms a proolem. fiiger or hand covers a gaa on the phone.ntenna that wraps aro3
6:55 am
it's enough that you can lose -our onnection. >> theebottom line is we ccn't recommend the i phone until apple fixes the law. apple says that any phone -ill drop the calls. they have not found the problem call scamming. it could be happening unner your nose and costing yyu money without you even nothing. it works like this, 3rd parties charges fees for your phone bills for servicessyou never approved. it'sstough to fiid out who is responsible. suspicious charge on his vve ice oww own phone bill. >> theseecharges were from companies independent of verizon other providers. >> companies other than your phone company are allowed to pu3
6:56 am
charges on yoor phonn bill ffr things like voice mail serrice or a irectory listing. %-bill.ze coulddslip on our3 it'sscalled cramming and there's ú%enty oo victims. the federal commission had more than 3,000 complaints of craaming last year. companies involveddin thee3ny billing, is it's tough to get any f them to ttae charges.3ility for unauuhorized >> reporter: john spent more than 20 hours trying to ggt his mmnny back. finalll verizon agreee to credis investigation. >> youucan protect yourself aaainst cramming. ask your phone company to put a cramming block on your account. that will immediately stop ther compaaies from placing charges on your bill. >> reporter: and go over yoor bill aa john does witt a fine tooth comb. if you spot an unauthorized3 chargeedemand a refunn from your
6:57 am
company. consumer reports says if you find you have uuauthorized ú%arges on your bill. you shhuld also report your complaint to the feddral trade coming up innthe 7:00 hour, don'ttget scammed on your summer vacctioon the things you should be lookinn outtfor when ou're booking your trippand once you hit the road. an ellicott city tten under goings surgery after a terrorist bombing in ugaada.3 straight ahead. how she is doinn >> reporter: the last undeveloped green chunk o x t t8x
6:58 am
how was school today?
6:59 am
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now on fox 45 mmrning news. fire rips through an aane %-nature could be bind the laz3 >> it's gut-wrenching. a maryland girl survives surgery after a storist attack in think twice before answerin3 the ppone on your hotel. that and other tips that couud save your wallet on vacation thisssummer. good morning, it's
7:01 am
wednesday, july 14th. you can tell by that shot it's a wet start to the night. it rained all night and a lot of people woke up to ittthis morning, i know i didd good morning, i'm patrrce harris. meteorologist steve fertig and let's see what you areeto say about the rain. >> yoo can ell some storms moved through last night. we picked up about an inch doontown. about 2/3 of anninch there and all helped. and we have been talkinn about the rrin and we're mmking that up quite quuckly. p> i'm sure they iil and it too much rain. they have a flash-flood watch in place until 10:00 a.m. most of the activity moving up %-like delaware, at leaat theoks jersey and around the philadelphia area and pennsylvania. as you can see, the sky hd radar indiccting the upper levvl lowú bringing the west sideeof the washinnton ccunty and frederick
7:02 am
some of that will move through the central counties. today a quarter of an inch and3 most of the heaviest rain moving north and east. 75 egrees the teeperature in baltimore asswe speak nd 75 in 75 in salisbury. we're headed toward 90 degrees for the high. it will be a hot and humid day as the humidity once again a factor with the heaa makinggit feel warmer. let's see what is happening on the roadways with candace dold. she has the traffic edge to let ú%u mow what it looks like. >> reporter: we have been monitoring conditions on the beltway thii morning. ddwn on the top end right at harford road. can yoo see all of those lanes filleddup with cars assdrivers tap their brakes.3 now that is the dealldown toward perring parkway. aa for theeennire tretch right now from 95 up toward 83, it's -till running normal on average, 13 inutes, right noww47 miles pee hour. from 83 up toward 799, only an 8
7:03 am
13--inute drive from 795 toward 95. travels.3 7:02 on fox 45 morning news. a prryer service will be held this afternoon for the ellicott city teen injured in the terrorist bombings ii uggnda this week. eeily was on a mission trip when a bomb exploded outside of aú restaurant. her leg was shattered and she %-megan gilliland is live with e laaest on how emily is dding this mmrning. p>> there was talk that emily's leg could be amputated. we now she made it through %-and she is doing well this leg morning. ú%ily was withhfellow issionaay workers at a restaurant watchin3 the soccer final. -t was one of two attacks that sunday.
7:04 am
ú% least two people and dozens more like emily have been injured. her parents flew o south africú to see her. they were eepecting to et in late last night and aae expected to be by emilyys bedside today. >> mom
7:05 am
%-custody.y police is back in ú%sternesernest clark was arresn northeast baltimore. he he had been in jaiilfor failing to register as a sex three weeks aao during a court aapearance in baltimore county he was mmstakenly released from cussody when his paperwookkwas lost. police diddnot iiform the public that park was missing until this week. >> it's important when you're looking for dangerous people ú%ur cards. youuwant to try to find them >> county officials say they process 1,000 cases a year and they on't know hat happenee o the aperwork on this one. that bbings us o the question offthe day. should the police have notified mistakenly releasing that we will take your calls later this hour. at and tell uu what you think.
7:06 am
sound off hrough facebook..3 send us a tweet to fox baltimore or texx your answer to 44203. enter fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no. passengers stranded on a hot traan last month. thhy are offering anyone who was %arked vip day passes. each pass is good for one rounn trip on marc before the end of 2013. to reeeive the paases, riders must fill out a formmon the mta bge isn't giving up on smart meter technology. the ccmpany submitted a ew smart grid proposal to the commission onnmonday. ttey very jecte rejected the fin because it would put too much3 strain on the customers. the new plan involves colleeting
7:07 am
charges from customers through a regular ate increase instead of bge says that thh mmters will help save peoppe money by helling ccntrrl enerry use. the best the innerrharbor has tt offer without all of tourists. ú%el d smiih is live there now look like and ggod thiigs in store. good morring, joel. >> reporter: yeah, patrice. good morning, and ood morning,3 everybodyy you know, you come to the innerú harbor. you think it has everything.ú a lost times youuhave mussc down there. you have all the shops and all the food but there's sooething missing is what a lot oo residents think. we're going to fill in the blanks here with rachael. we haveebeen talking with someehing is missing these people thought. >> absolutely. we needed a green space in the mmddle of this wonnerffu area. >> reporter: yu guys provided that and how diddit come about with the folks doing this. >> emily flanagan miller decided
7:08 am
that she was goinn to work with the downtown partnershippto -evelop a green sppce. when her father passed away two years ago it offered a great him. %-show the renditions right now. -p>> there's going to be 70 industriessand large berms ttat are going to be filliig up this area for a pllce for kids to play and also having a safeey area as well. >> reporter: a creative place33 to play, right? >> creative, very imaginative and open space. >> reporter: it'' god for the residents instead f having toú ú% somewhere else a, it's oing >> it's for the local residents but they won't iddpeople. treasure that they're going to puttriggt here. they still eed fundraising efforts tt get the $2.2 million. if all works it will be a quick construction time and they will have it here by next summer. joel ddsmith, fox 45 morning
7:09 am
news. who better to teach you how to swim an olympic ssperstarú children as he launcces a. parttnrshhp between the phhlps organization and tte city schools. it will allow the chillren to take up to 20 ours of swimming lessons. phelps lauuched the program last yeaa hoping to get children more comfortable innthe water. the steps that stephanie rawlings-blake is taking to make sure ttat people stay safe. >> reporter: i'm emily gracie ground for the bbltimore county [ male announcer ] your tv is starting to feel nervous.
7:10 am
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%-gee your goattthing that will the baltimore 4-h fair and ou can pig out on the foodd good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning, patricee the goats are onny a week old anndthat is just a taste of what you can see if you come oot o the baltimore county 4-h fair. i'm talking tt hanna pattern son who is talking aaout what you3 ú%n enjoy this weekend. a lot of folks can come out and enjoy the family activities. >> thhre's a lot oo familiess sheep, cattle, goats and even alpaca. it's actually free so it's a children, you can bring your family oot and give them a %-hard these kids have been how working all year. admission but there's an eventú going on friday. >> we're auctioninn off two justin bieber tickets. if you have any kids that areú bieber fans you can come and
7:13 am
join in the auction. >> reporter: lots of bieber fans out there this weekend. ú%e baltimore county 4-h faii is going n starting today through sunday. can you find all of the information on our website %-weather in the forecast forwet today. i don't think theesheep like that too much. some wet wwather in the -orecast, 90 degrees,,a hot day once again. it will be a little bit wet. you can come and enjoy he outdoor activiiies and gues eto know some of these great animals. steve, we had some rain this morning. >> reporter: we are talking about 3hs in the weather center connitionn.zy and humid >> ep. we have more of hot, hazzy3 humid conditions ith the showers. ú%ke a look at first watch the warning area bbfore we show yoo
7:14 am
ú%e radar iidiccting that cecil county is under the flash-flood %-morning..310:00 a.m. this that is the only area under a watch. areas may not see' shower or two. %ou will see we picked up since of an inch of rain througgout the area. adding to yesterday's 1 inch plus in the downtown area and -hen today as we look at he sky watch hd radar, more shower rain moves to he north, however, low pressure centtr, bring uu more rain. we had a lot of ain up to the northeest aad continues to move ttwaad new england and heads on the backside of that low. allegheey county and alss washington county, and frederick showers there. some of thaa will move through the area later in the dayy as we check out the lightning strikes on the hd lightning data. as we move off tt tte north and east so that ii good news. -ase of a shower or thunderstorr still later today.
7:15 am
there's the low pressure center we dd get he shower ccances, 10:00 a.m. indicating more3 showers possiile. ripples of energg around that low and evee until 4:00 in the western counties. drier air will work in here by later tonight and hat will allow the skies to clear and we et mainy dry days which ii more so onn with the next oftury thunderstorms. -t will beewarm and humid. 75 innbalttmore and 77 in salisbury. 70 in hagerstown, we'reeheaded to the llw 90s. ú%e humidity will be a factor. ú% deggees forrtheehighhin the eaatern shore with a ssower chaace still. the central part of the state may see sunshine peek through. a shower or hunderssorm around. we're looking at a high temperature of 88 degrees. agaan if we get a shhwer orr3 thunderstorm chancee better the lateemorriig eerly
7:16 am
afternoon, because that system should continue toomove north and east on and out of our way later. %-6:00 p.m. after gettinn to the -:00 his afternoon evening. 73 forrthe ovvrnight loww %-shower or thundeestorm in the evening. things improve. %-the week.mid for the rest of 94 on friday,,92 with a return of hunderstorms..3 92 for both sunday ann monday, 90 with a chance of showers and thunderstorms on your tuesday. roadwwys right now as you head what is the commute looking likee candace dold has the answer with %->> reporter: thank you, steve. and it'ssbecause of aawarning on the camden marc travelers this morning. weere dealing with a delay and it's because of flooding near st. dennis.ú expect an extra lengthy commute if you are heading ouu thh doorú zavaras the roadas far as t3
7:17 am
have ffooddng and all of thoss storms from yesterday and thatú this morninggon the flooding on the southbbund of the jfx on the where you're going to find it. just be aware that you need to use extra caation especially as you approacc the ramp. we also have an accident in baltimore on washhngton clooures to reporttbecause of a that one. on the maii lines there's a new accident on the northbound lanes of 895 at the harbor tunnel. you will want to usee he fort3 mchenry tunnel as the alternate route. we will show you what t!! what 3 like. the northbound stretch is looking good so this is the way to go this morning. that is a look at yourrmorning travels.ú patrice, back over to you. p>> thank you, candace.33 they're taking america by sttrm. ♪ ♪73 ú% all right. brothers have been roccing out
7:18 am
aad stealing hearts since they hii the music scene. thh boys are coming to jiffy lube live formerly known aasthe ttckets are available now butú we're going to get you there for free. all this week ww're giving away %-brothers in stay tuned or your canssto winn %-you are watching fox 45 mornig
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
7:20 am
martin o'malley is making the tough choices... >>new thissmorning, staying cool and safe in the heat. maryland's first lady katie o'malley and stephanie rawlings-blake want peoppe toobe prepared for the heat. they will be at the cooliig centers later this morning and they will go over personal safety tips tt hhlp people beat the heattand talk aboot ways toú get energy assistance. officials at the national a aquarium aae trying to etermine how the gulf spill could affect the hesspeake bay. they are studying floriia's %-wash into it.ich could seeeoil it will allowwresearches show how they damage from the spill will affect natuual resource.
7:21 am
tte test of whether spewiig oil can be capped will soon get underway innthe gulf. it will test how well the new cap is working. high pressure readdngs are the goal meaning the leak is -toppee. low pressure readings meaning the oillis still leaking ffom other parrs of the wwll. the hope is hhttthe oil can be diverted to the ships on the surface if the cap doesn't completely work. sandra endo is joonnng us live from washingttn with the latest testing that is going on. good morning, s sandra. >> reeorter: if this feels a little like deja vu is because they were tryinggto make these tests yesterday. officials ponde!! pushed this bd were trying to get the gusher sealed for good. officials delayed starting thee3 integrity tests of the latest taking precautions on tuesday to makeesure that everything is in
7:22 am
plaae to proceed. when they do gooforward, reading the pressure in tte well will bú key. >> onn thing we will be worried about low pressure which tells that there's a probllm with the integrity of the well. hydro carbons in the >> reporter: a higher pressure reading means that the cap is being stopped. if this cap works to stop the ssill, it will be temporarily..3 the real solution liee on the despiteethe cautious optimismto damage is already done. >> even if we contain the well and the if the wwll is ccpppd in mid-august. there's still a siggificant ú%l recovery and iipact of the oil will extend well into the fall in terms of oil comingg3 ú%nhore, ttr balll and beaah cleannup. >> reporrer: the obama administration sent out another bill to bp ann ther parties for that bp was already billed by
7:23 am
once testing gets underway ii coold take aa little s six hours to severrl days to find out the results. live in washington i'm sandra patrice, back to ou. why didn't they start with this cap. %-supposed to catcc some of the oil nd nnt all of the il.3ú why didn't they start with this -ne. ú% reporter:: everyone is saying why not do this earlier? they say that they came up with this veesion of this containment %-of the lasttversion. success3 the last version was really the 3rd tty of another containment dome they had tried ú% put on before. bit by bit they have been progressing in terms of the sophistication of each kind of conttinment ddme and the way it3 works. this is the best modelland they're going to try tooget a closure on that gushhr. >> gott it, thank you sandda. later a rape suspect was on
7:24 am
the loose, why baltimore couuty poliie waited ttotell the public about his iitakenned release. @ @@
7:25 am
7:26 am
if a nice elaxing vacation sounds good to you, now is the timeeto do it. scams. angie barnett is here with the better business bureau for things for you to think about your trip and things to thinn aboot when you get there. >> when you''e booking your trip, youusay donnt book too far ii advance. >> the first thing you want to think aboot your credit card.
7:27 am
the credit card as possiblee if there's any probllms you ccn ú%our credit cards do haveú% limmtations. credit card 90 to 120 days, yor credit card may only allow you ddys. watch out that time line. >> watch ut for free prrmises. internet and start searching fo3 you find a lot of offers for free. in today's world, nnthing is3 you want to be careful. what you want to do is anythinn you want to book, ou want to conditions. yoo got to beecareful about refund policies and cancellltion. travelers insurance just in case sooething goes wrong? >> absoluuely, because you dd get iil things appen.ber does you two want to enccurageú consumers to look at travelers
7:28 am
insurance. llok at your home policy and look at your current insurance provider nd see if yyu can get it. remember, if you get it through cruiseeinee they get a piece of that ppe so they have a ffnancial incentive. again, termm and conditions, %-insurance, also you want to remember, look at theú exclusions, not what it includes, ut what it excludes. and let's talk about what to do when you get there. i hadn't heard of this. be carefuu offgetttng a front call rom the front desk. >> absolutely. people are reporting in your the phone rinns and they want to confirm theer credit card nuuber and they will give their credit card over the phone. that is somebody in the lobby. ú% if that happens, you will say, i will come out to the front desk and go out. it can be shoul ssmebody gettinr
7:29 am
creeit card number. ú%ey can have a good vacation on that credit card. >> log on to our website, -p coming up the naval aaadey takes of its honor code. how two former students could and this isn't the prettiest area in the area.%here is the dr at the inner harbor and they'rr tryyng to make this place look a to do it. yet thh finisheddproduut isn't fo ú%
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 7:31 is the time. i'm patrice harris. let's get a check of our forecast. meteorologist steve fertig is here. not raining right noo but we got some rain overnight. todayywe will see a chance of shower maybe not as heavy, a >> it's the irst thing i heard this morning and i my first thought is the dog is nnt going to want to go out. >> that would have beee my thought but iidon't have a dog. if you do or do not,,you will chanccs we have to deal with the -ain today. there's a decent chance we will see a ccuple of shhwers arrundd3 and maybe a thuuderstorm isolated in naturee flood watch onny forrcecil county but we're looking at the backside of theelow pressure center as ittmoves north and east at showers that wrappround the low.
7:33 am
it's affecting allegheny ccunty aad toward washington county moving toward tte east. we could get a couple of showers as can you see late morring toward thh afterroon a chance oú showers ddssipating some. by later tonight we will dry out as high prrssure moves in. skyyconditions improve withh ore sunshine for tooorrrw andd3 -riday. that front bringses a chance oof showers late ffiday. the heat is going to be back and we will talkkmooe abouttthat and the rest of the weekenn oo hat you can expect in a few minutes. -ere is candace dold with the traffic edgg. >> reporter: there's in way %-raan that is for the thinking about taking tte marc you need to know abbut his on the cammen yard flloding is causing a 10 to 12 minute-deeayy the southbound lanes trains are goinn to be delayed. just bb aware if youure heading out the door. take a look aa the beltway at
7:34 am
harford road, significant delay3 on average, it's pretty moderate ffom 5 all the way up toward 83. so right now we are looking at the educed speeds there. it does iiprove from 83 upp3 toward 795, 8 minutes, 53 miles per hour and 51 iles per hour with only aa12 minute ccip from %-patrice, back over to you.g 7:34 on fox 45 morning news. friends ann family of he e ú%licott city teenninjured in a3 bombing in ubega!! ugaada will 3 together for prryerr emily has successfully made it joiniiggus with tte latest. >> reporter: emily's right leg was shatteree in the
7:35 am
explosion and theee were talks that hey may have to amputate it. ú%ctors wwrr able to pin hhr leg morning. emily was with fellow mmssioo workers when the bomb went off. it's one of two attacks that happened in the country that at least 15 people have been killed and dozees more like emily have been injured. her parents flew to south africa to see her. they got in late last ight, our time and are expected to be by it's he first timeethey have been able to ttlk to their dauggter. >> all they want to do is get there and holddher and and just be witt her. >> repooter: family here at home, friends and family wiil come together in prayer at 1100 this afternnon at mount de salle's academy. group and her arm was broken but
7:36 am
she has been with emily all thh tiie..3 t happened at 2:45 this morning n southbound caton avenue.ú thii was the scene about two hours ago. 4 peopll were taken to the hospiial. there's no wood onnwhat led toú the accident or he ccnditiin of the victim..3 all lanns on 95 were blocked at one point but all lanes are nnw open. that rain may be to blame for a ú%use firee ontrol. ontrol. time but she was able o get of the house ooay. the firr started n the attic and therr was significant damage toothe home..3 a rape suspect releasee by pooice is back in custody. ernest clark was arrest in northeast baltimmre yesserday. he was facing charggs in a 2000
7:37 am
rape in herrrng park. he was mac misic! mistaken ellm custody and police did not notify the public that he was %-all of yyur cards o thh you waat to try to find thhm without ttemmknowing. counny officials say they procees 1,000 caaes aayear and they don't know what happened tú ú%e paperwork on this one. should have notified the ppblic immediately after mistaaenly releasing thattsuspect fromm3 jail. oor phone lines are open at (410)481-4545 or sound off through faaebook. ssnd us a tweet at fox ballimore or text your answer to 45203. for no. a baltimore man is on trial
7:38 am
aacused of murdering a abdriver from freddrick. opening statements innthe trial of robert lee murphy started yesterday. the 23 years old is faccng firss-degree murrer and handgun3 charges in the death of stephee moch. the body was found in last year. he was shottin the head. a ccndleelight vigii is ú%heddled this weekend on thh site of a weekend homicide. the vigil is held in memory of 35-year-old yolnda howard. police discoveeed hee body found in parked car with gunshot wound to the head. howwrd was pronoonned dead at the scene. investigatoos are still lloking for her killer. the best seet the inner harbor has to offer without all the tourists. they are looking at plans for a new residential paak near harbor east. ú%walkers in the orning. more
7:39 am
some peoppe going to worr, some -rying to walk the dog or the ú%d arrundd3 they are goong to have an option coming up in a year if everything goes as scheduled near theecclumbia center and all pierce's pprk is going to be. someone who knows all about it, -e have achael here. >> good morning, rachael. >> good morning, joel. >> it's a good day because we're about to unneil the park soon. let's see the rendering. when you think oo how this willú look like, how close are we to -ave the money for it? ú% we're very close. we are 50% throuuh thefuudraisi. we are still looking for local business and amily participation. families at he iiner harrbr. what dd they have now. ú% the only options is to go to the federal hill park. and we are looking to hhve something in tte entee oo the harbor area. >> reporter: is theree3
7:40 am
we know about the tourist dessination and the food destinatioo, and we need a park. >> absoluuely. we need something that is a part of the local area and can combine some the elements of happening at the innnr arror. >> reporter: all of thesse3 everything goes right? >> absolutely. >> reporterr t's called pierce's park and we're giving you a sneak peek. new at the harbor or builling something, there's usually a group that is not neeessarily in favor because they like what is going oo. any opposition. >> reporter: we looked yesterday trying to finn out. there's nothing organizee at least. these plann have been out and they have been talking to the local resiients. itts sometting that they want. the businesses are on board with this. it looks like everyone isson board with this. >> it sounds like a go. the navy as found
7:41 am
inconsistencies in the naval honor code. ú% found iiccnsistencies and how the academy handled those cases. as a result of, thh navy says that tww students who were dismissed for honor violations those students will be offered ú%e opportunity to return to the academy. jefferr falo will eave his post after reports of inapppoprrate spending at the ometimes you can be playing games for an hour at a ime. >> find outtif the usb cell rechargeable battery can keep your electronics running? %-att-- a live look at 70 andlok those cars are ccuising along ú%th the inner and outer loop stretch at
7:42 am
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welcome back. it's 7:44 on this wedneeday we'reechecking out on the flash-flood watches in place for cecil county. that is the ooly county highlighttd but that doesn't mean that other parts of the state couldn't see shower chhnces. ú%in that has fallen.amount of we add 3 quarer quarters offan o it. and lesser amounts in the periphery and we will see more showers but only a quarter of an inch that is expected today. we see more showers and that's on the backkide of a low pressure center that is moving northeast and.
7:45 am
radar in motion. you see it moving north and eas3 towarddnew england. on tte backside wrapping around in the croc clockwiseefass clo . and we can't rule a chance of thunderstorms. right now ot worrying about the thunderstorms, they're well off to the north and east and still plentyyof them to the north and new jersey.3 for us here a couple of showerr. low pressure movinn nortt andú east and on the backside we see an example of the showers. afternoon, probably prime timm as the low sits close enough to us. it eventually moves north and east of us out of our way. the upper level low is not that is why we''e seeing shower the north. high pressure moves in, skies %-we look forward to a nice looking thursday and friday with
7:46 am
-ostly sunny skies. it will be hot and humid still. the next front moves in for late friday into saturday. that is when the next chance oo thunderstorms. in the meantime starting off with temperatures 75 degrees inú ballimore and 70 degreee in hagerstown. these temperatures are going to climb a little bit more ttday temperature.ore high cannot rule ouu that shower or ttunderstorm even though tooay it will be more isslated in in the way of heavy rain.s much 90 degrres for the central part oo the ssate nd will feel even warmer hen you factor in the humidity. it means it will feel warrer than it should otherwise. 88 degrees for the western part of the state where we can't rule out a shower or a storm. 84 degrees for the noontime temperature, 86 aa 6:00 ppm. after getting to he higg of 90 at about 3 to 5:00 this %-you see the chance for a showú or thunderstorm around. so we won't rule out the
7:47 am
evening. then will see the skies start to clear out. -nd even mostly clear. 73 degrees withhmostly humid night tonight. tomorrow ot and humid but dry. 94 on friday, 92 with some showers returning late fridayy3 iito saturday especially with the next front. then 92 on both ssnday and monday, 90 degrees with some ttunderstorms possible on your tuesday. we need to check in with candace dold. sheeis here with tte track edge. candace. >> reporter: thanks, steve, we're talking about the rails right now and it's all because ú% doohave a delay on the marc train and the ca camden line.3 right now we're looking at a 12 minute-delayyoo the southbound trains. just be aware it's going to take a little bit longer this morning if you're heading out the oor. as far as the roadways, we're it's approaching on the base of the ramp at northernnparkway. we do have an accident to talk about in northern baltimore a
7:48 am
you will find activity but no lane clossres as a result ofú that one. ú%ooting through baltimore at the fort mac mchenry tunnel the -orthbound lanes are in the %-lanes frommthe toll plaza down %-it has been a picture perfecty ride this morning that continues to bb the case, northbound and southbound lanes down oward howard county. that's a ook at the morning travell. patrice, back over to you. thank yoo,,candace. still ahead a rape suspect goes free byymistake. officials waated about 3 weeks to let the public know. we want to know what you tthnk. should the pollce have notified the public immediately after mistakenly releasing a rape suspect from custody.ú our phone lines are open now
7:49 am
boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we were on motorcycle insurance. anncr: take fifteen minutes to see how much you could save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
7:50 am
7:51 am
baltimore county sheriffs deputies mistakenly releaaed a rape suspect about a month ago but they juss went public with the information this eek. officials say they madd the decision to wait because they believe it's important not to show all your cards when looking forrdangerous people.ú that brrngs us to the question of the day. should the police haveenotified the public immediately after misi!!mistakenly releasing a rae suspecttfrom the baltimore county jail. our firsttcaller is sussn from dundalk. >> what do you thhnk. police say they had a reasoo for not strategically telling people. p> i don't agreeewith that. i think we should have been notified immediately. i understand trying to catchh3 %-man.'s safety to catch this >> thank you for your call.
7:52 am
the line.y from baltimore is aln what do you think. one persoo said, no..3 ú%ey should have told us right away. >> i honestly thiik that they should have told, why, because we are the citizens of baltimore we have children that goes to ú%mm, summer school and sports information should not held -ecretive. ú% you think it's a safety issue. thank you for your call. >> jamie in hall thorpe is on the ine. what do you hink. should police have told the loose? >> absolutell. %-their incompettnts.over up for
7:53 am
what about the women who could have become the next victimm the people should have been that incarceratee him in thems first place. %-first.afety should always be monique and on the fence, she wrote in and said, it can go both ays, yes, beccuse the people should be aware of whatt3 especiallyywhen they have children outside playing. no, because if thee notify the people right away, thhn they may not have caught the man. if e knew they were looking for him, he may have been hiding or on the run. >> thank you for your comments. coming up on the fox 45 morning news, there's something different aaout the chrystal bower sox the bii change thht thh idol runner-up is tweeting ú%out. next the usb cell rechargeable
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
we have all done it before gone on the hunt for batteries. now one product says you can forget tte trip to the store and %-promises it can be reusedy hundreds of times and you don't even need a charger, but will it work. >> if you're a viieo gamer. >> i'mmggttiig killed right >> noyou you knoo how importantt is to keep your guy alive..3 when it comes to battery life. ú%e looger the better. they aren't for video gamess we use batteries every day. >> high son is always hitting tte button. >> buying new ones aallthe time can get expensive and annoying.
7:57 am
around for years. >> now a new product promises to rrvolution nice the way you charge. usb rechargeable batteriess3 charge up by plugging into any >> they will have a cap to plug into the device. >> to be able tooccarge them via usb anywhere, it would be convenient. >> we took the batterties to will it work test.hem to he >> when the light is steady, it's charging and whee it stops it's done charging. >> flat screen and a blu-ray, dvd player. >> each time, he batteries dn ú%ump it. they charged the way they do. >> 2aaa can cost youu$18 but you >> will it work? >> absolutely. i'm excited about it. it's going to be very convenient
7:58 am
for a lottoffpeoplee >> it's a deal. i think it ss "x
7:59 am
8:00 am
now on foo 45 morning news. mother may tou nature strikes. why offiiials think that -lghtning coold be to blame for this house fire. a convicted rapisst alks from a detention center. why police let him go and how long it took tomb thi!! them toe good mmrning.inty inn! cer .
8:01 am
it's wednesday, july 14th. i think i'm seeing some sun onn3 whaa i think has been a wet morning. >> you do. i think it's looking awfully ú%there.3nd that building right >> somewhere in thh foreeround i'm seeing light. maybe i wont to see lightt >> i will go on that with you. >> good morring, i'm megan gilliland. llt's go to meteorologist steve ferrig. light. crazy.hought i wasn't going >> we have in at cecil county a flash-flood watch until 10:00 a.m. thhs morning. on our flash flood screen. there could be showers around even where we are seeing peaks o-- peek oo sunshine. you see howers moving through
8:02 am
hagerstown and generally in that vicinity, it looks like frederick county, howard county and generrlly the western paat of state. it's going to move ttward the east. it will move toward parts of baltimore county anddfurther -pints east as well as the per levvl low continues to move that direction. 74 deggees in washington d.c. ann we should top out right around 90 degrees, the hot and humid one. we will take a look at the reet of theeforrcast for the week aad into the weekend in just a few minutes but right owwhere is candace dold witt the traffic edge. >> reporter: steve, we did have that ain thht moved through the area yesterday and it's causing problems this morring forrmarc train camden passengers. we do have a delay because of flooding. as a result we have a 10--2 minute-delay on hh soottboundú lanes. takk extra ime this morning. as for the roadwaas heeking in on the beltwaa on the top nd at hhrford road. outer loop lanes down toward that is what you will find from
8:03 am
95 moving all the way up toward 83. so a slow go all in all. it does ease up, though, moving from 83 p towarr 795, 9 minute3 at 49 miles per hour and then it slows down, 37 miles per hour froo 795 down toward 95.ú that's a look at your morning travels. patrice and megan, over to you. thank yothank yyu, candace. a prayer servicc will be held this afternoon for the she was on a mission trip when -he bomb exploded outside of restaurant. her leg bone was shattered in that attack. she underwent surgery and we are ttld doctors were able to pin her leg. er parents ffew to soutt africa er parents ffew to soutt africa hathey got in late last night or ttme aad arr expecting tt be by her side today.
8:04 am
>> mom and dad want to see her. it's gut-wrenchiig. >> here at homeefriends and family will come together in ppayer at 1:00 at moont de3 salle's academy where emily weet to school. eeily's grandmother was on that -ission trip. her rm was injured in the atttck. %--or a house fire in kirkston. flames broke out around essex3 street last night. it took 47 firrffghters an houre the firr under control. investigators say that the fire was significant damage to the ú%> strong winds uprooted this huge tree on bateman avenue inn3 northwest. the tree fell on a fence ú%eaking the fencee the homeowner says she cculdn't thing i know the rrin comingxt
8:05 am
down at once. a big tree on my yarddlifted out offyard and it fell over. >> this was the scene just down the block. this phott was taaen last night by annonio who also lived in that neighborhood. two mee are recovering this morning after being shot last night in east baltimore. it haapened juut beffre 9:00 on north wolf street. police say one maa was shot in the lower back. the other victim was shot in the leg. both aae eepected to live. no word on a suspect. a rape suupecc mistakenly released by police is back in custody. ernest clark was arrested in east balttmore yesterday. clark had been in jaii for failing to register s a sex he was facing charges in a 2008 ú%peein herring run pack. he was mistakenny releaseddfrom ú%stody when his paperwork was lost. ú%lice did not alert the public
8:06 am
that clark was released until -his week. >> the problem whhn youuare looking for dangerous people, itts important not to show all of your cardd. you ant to try to find them wittout them knowwng. >>couuty officials say they process 1,000 ases a year and they don't know what happened o the paperwork on this one. a new poll in the race for maryland ssnate shows it's not close ttall. long time ncumbent, barbara mikulski leads the challenging 55 to 33%. 7% say are undecided and orgot -s one of 5 republicans rying to win the epublican nomination ollsscontinue to show that -he rrce for governor neck in governor martino o'malley leads
8:07 am
repubbican robert ehrlich. 12% of respondents say they are. in recent rasmussen therees a bit of a different sttry ehrlich %-vote -- leads o'malley by 1ere percentage vote. they areelooking for plans for a nnw resideeniaa park near harbor east.ú ú%ol d smith has been outttheee3 -ll mooning with more on what this park is going toolook like. >> reporter: a very familiar view here at the inner harbor. here is the difference, this is the ooly bit of unused and
8:08 am
undeveloped green space here but nnt for long. -e're going to see somethingg3 special. first oo all tell us aboot the name. >> the namm pierce park came ú%om pierce flanagan the 3rd who is a local busiiess owner and civil leader in baltimore. tt bbild a park in his honor after his passing two eaas ago. >> reporter: she is nottthe >> there's nothing that close nearby, federal hill park but nothing centrally located. >> reporttr: ii's designedú for the locals. theetourist have tteir aree, ú%is would be the local area. >> yes. baltimore.r families in reporter: the tourists are able to come in here. -p>> we are looking wiih a tart date oo next spring with an open of next summer next yyar. we have halff he funding we need. we're looking at a $2.22million
8:09 am
budget. >> reporter: maybe next yyar ww are talking about %-of the summer.rting by the end pierce's park was right here and yoo saw it when it look like this..3 joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. players will sign auto autograpr children only. crowds at morning practices had become so large thaa there had been concerns for safety with people pushing to get close to the players. now moreechildren will hhve a chance to ggt autographs. at mcdaniel college. the firsttday the practices are july 27th. still ahead, it didn't take anytime aa all to become you of the hottest shows on television. ♪ >> commng up the awards glee is
8:10 am
uu for in his year's prime time emmys. ♪ú% ♪ ♪ ú% alkkng aaoutt h
8:11 am
8:12 am
it's no dog and pony show, -ut there will be plenty of animals at the dog and pony show..3 >> meteorologist emil emily gras live with hh details a this ú%rning's home hundre hometown . repprter: it's ironic that i met the horse. i'm talkinggto hanna patterson. what is taking place. we have something that is getting ready to start here. >> right now we have a horse show. so alllof kids that are out in the rain have been working getting their horses ready and now they get to show off all tte hard work they put into it.3 >> reporter: what can ttey expect when they comeeout this yes, i want to emphasize thaú it's free. they can meet the animals, cows, -oats, alpacass chicken and any
8:13 am
animal they can imagine. come out and meet the animmlsú and it's a reat time for evvrybody. >> reporter: and biebbr tickets.ú ú% we're auctioning off two bbeber tickets on friday. -ome out and participate in the auction. county 4-h fair is gging on through today through ssnday hhre at the marylanddstate fairgrounds. you can find more information at our websiteeat foxbaltimore.com3 rainshower in our forecast for toddy but hot out here this morning. 900degrees this afternoon. ann ww are going to enjoy a llt offfun out here in the heat no sttve, can you believe i met a -orse named rain. >> reporter: you told us there'' a little sunshine out3ú ú%ere which is good news. >> yes, little bit of sunshi sunshine.3 that's a horse of a taae a look aa a ffash-floodd3 watch in ppace for cecil county3 untill10:00 a.m. that is the only aree that is highlighted. we'reeseeing a few showers out there. yes, we're seeingga little bit
8:14 am
a chancc of picking up more have rain. 3 quarters of an inch in baltimore and up 2/3 of an innhú yesterday. we add to that ann decrease the deficit aad weere almost making that up completely now. yyu can ee ttere's showers in the backside of the western counties. the bulk of this is moving north and eass. into the new york state as well ú%areas.cticut and other england on the backside of the low, we %-and we have a chance orragg coople offshowersstoday. most oo the lighhning has moved out of here. %-in the backside of theelow, we indicate a chance of a shower and even as early as laterr3 eventually we could ssart to se3 %-better as we get toward thelot ooernight period tonighh and the next couple of dayy..3 thursday and friday seeing more
8:15 am
hot and humid before the hot mooes inno the hot humid air an3 brings us a of thunderstorms late friday into saturday. 74 n d.c. 78? salisbury and 11in hagerstoww.3 dew point is still in the low 70s so it will feee very warm aaddeven warmer than ittreads here. 74 degrees the eepect ---3 ú%the eastern shore.ted high in a chance offa couple of light showers but not in the way f thunderstorms. we get to 90 degrees today and back to the wess 88 deerees for ittwill feel like it's in the 90s when you factor in humidity and you can't rrle out a shower or thunddrstorm here %-at 6:00 ppm., ssowing a hower chance but even an iiolated thunddrstorm. we're talkinggabout a coople of chances overnight tonighh. ú% isolated shower overnight and and -- clear overright and tomorrow partly cloudy. 83 and 94 for thh thursday and
8:16 am
-riday high tempeeatures. in comes the chance of shower ú%gh of 92, ut we say 92 sunday and mondaa. drier days before the storms return on monday and ttesday and then a high of 900degrees. we nned to check on the roadways. candace. morning's commute we're ffeturing the rails right now. that is because we have a delay on the marc train camden line. the southbound trainn experiencing a 10-12 minute-delay becauue of the flooding near st. dennis. as for the roadways, checking in on the actual speeds, 44 miles traveling through whitemarsh near security boulevard. ramp to 97.d route 50 oo the there's an accident completely shutting it down. we will ccntinue to monitor the3 situaaion and ddfinitely give yoo aay updates as sooo as we gettmore information into our newsroom. some trouble on 95, it's a crash
8:17 am
on tte soothbound lanes. thaa is approaching the ramp to the inner loop of thh capital belttay. see how that is shaping here.3 we don't have significant delays. we will keep our fingers crossed. southbound lanes, northbound stretch toward the howard county region near route 100. morning we haven't had anys incidents there and we need to check in on the volume o see northbound and southbound, a bit congested but no brake lighhs in either direction. that'' a look at the morning ú%avels. ú%> coming up artscape is around the corner. ♪ untry's biggest art festival. ♪ sleep alone. and next fox's hht show glee could win big at this year'sú emmyy. what the stars are saying about
8:18 am
8:16 is the time. you are watching ffx 45 morning @ @@
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8:20 am
we're getting the latess news ddring today on tinsel town on twitter..3 candace has been twitting and brings the news here on baltimore. you have information on a persoú who doesn't normally tweet? >> this is interrsting. %%%-we begin with news frrm hugú yes, that is correct..3 the 84 years old tweets in his spare ime. he writes about hissfavorite movie and aafew days ago he
8:21 am
wrote about a business venture. meeting with the ceo to discuss %-84 years old and still -- ⌞> the direction of the company. what direction are they thinking of going? >> noo the topic we want to go on. >> interrsting tweeting. >> he wantt to take the company -rivate so he basically -- he doee want to bite share -- buy e shares and he does want to. there should b!!!!!n ttereshoul. >> that's wwat i going to say. moving on our next tweet is about the family oriented talk show glee. -he emmy time nominationn werr announced last week and glee is poised o win big. the show received many nominationssincluding individual nods for lynch, and the stars are couplell humbled by -- completely humbled bb the news.
8:22 am
19 nods is mazing. >> it's good that they re so humble because they have won every award in the orld to win. >> i talked to some of the people that say they aae the hardest working people in hollywood. they're always rehearsing and doing something.ú >> thee were in the all-stars baseball game and theyydid aa33 good job. weeend with a word fromm3 %-bower sox.l runner up chrystal every since we have known her she has had a gap in her teeth. what is not missing in this here is the picture and well, there's no more gap in her teeth. >> oh. for hee ecause there was apparently someeody -- ssme dentist that wanted to fix her teeth free and she ssid no. now they got it done on her ownú
8:23 am
>> i wonder if the industry said, you should probably do this. ú% i think so. she has allays ssid that she aaways wanted it. i can see theeindustry saying -p we want tookeep yyu up-to-datee rom thh latest news from hollywood or here in baltimore. be sureeto folllw s on twitter. just go to and click on twiiter under the community feature section. coming up enjoy a fun day for the whole famill. stay safe on the water this summer with a llfe vest. next thh reward kkds will get from pplice if they're caught ú
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
17 people died in boating according tt maryland's natural resources police, 16 of the 17 were not wearing llfe vests. nrp s out with a new campaign and it comes with sweet reward for saying save. julie brown is here to eeplain to us what tte campaign is about. >> we have a mmss out here. would like to stress the importance of wearinn your lifejacket for this season and %-we''e providing to any childrn lifejacket his year, a free rita's italiin ice. %-gets them excited about weerig a lifejacket.ú%>> reporter: thd
8:27 am
the be cool wearinggcampaign. about what a liiejacket. >> the ewest law out is that weaaing a lifejjccettat all times on a boat that is ess than 211feet n length. this lifejacket is for the toddlers whoois under the age of need to become equipped with a strap to pull them out of the water if need be, and aastraa to hold on the jackee to them securely. >> reporter: arr there different jackets that you need boats you are on. >> i'm weariig an inflatable jackee. this ii an excellent jacket for sooeone who eeds freedom of ú%vemeet. all you have to do to inflate is tt pull the cord righh here. we have the $5.99 that you cann3 buy anywhere.
8:28 am
the important thinn we ike to stress to peoole when you buy it, take it out of the plastic bag and pt it somewhere, where it's easy to grab when you're in the boat. people who died last year ddd not have one of these on. how many lives do you see saved because they had this. >>immortant for many people to wear the lifejjcket. were saved because people were wearrng their life jackets. accidents happen on quickly onú the waaer, it's best to have it on and there. >> reporter: if yoo see this van and this guy, you miggt get a sweet reward for doing it. is this campaign going to be going on for the rest of the it's ggod through the restt f the summer and the coupons donnt expire until the end of this yeer. >> repoorer: if you woold like more information on thh bb cool wear it campaign, go to ann if you hhve aa idea or our anne-mail at ox baltimore.
8:29 am
you are watching fox 45 morning3 news, all local all morning.
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8:31 am
wwlcome back toofox 45 mmrning news. a great look attthe nation's capital there. good morning. i'm patrice harris. ú%> good morning, i'm megan let's check in with see if the skies are going to clear up. temperattres will be hot and humid so that part of it is noo going to change. today we have a chance of a couple of showers around but not the heavy rain we saw last night. we will get for rain cecil county under a flash-flood waach until 10:00 a.m. this morningg -therwise the showers on the you see it spinning around and circulating there and moving toward carrrll county soon ennugh and moving in towwrr the howard county. we are not going to see the showers completely today and wwú will see diminishing showerr. tempeeatuues in the mid-70s
8:32 am
-tarting out this morning and we're look at the temmeratures to climb a little bit more up to 90 degrees, an outside chance of a shhwwr and thunderstorm ere and there. let's see what is happening on the roadways with candace dold. >> repprter: steve, so far so good on thh innee loop laneesat3 the bbltway traveling aa harfor3 road but not on the outee loop direction. weaver dealin!!weere dealing wit delays from 795 toward 99. right now 16 mmnutes, 388milee but then, doing much betterr3 ttrouuh baltimore, southhound 95, and the fort mccenry %-hour and 4-minute drive rom southbound 895 ffom are the that's a look at the morningg33 travels. pattiie and megaa, back overrto you. here is a look at the top stories. integrity tests to determine ú%eeher spewing oil can finally be capped mmy soon get uuderway
8:33 am
in the gulf. testing will deteeminn how well the new cap is working. leak as stoppedd.3 %-is still leaking from otheril parts oo the well.3 the hope is that the oil can e diverted to ships on the surffce if the cap doesn't completely3 work..3 >> reporter: ou thought you3 had everything at the inner har bomb. the last tease of open greee space still exists. it's undeveloped. well not, for long. coming neet year a brand new park is cominn here designeddfor the llcals, a littl place to taa wwlk. and a lot of people had input and the money issccming,,3 $2 million. thhy are thinking thaa by next ú%ar this could be here. but if itts ood, tourists will find it, too. smart grid proposal to thed a nw
8:34 am
public service commission on monday. tsd fficials rejected the first plan because it would put too much of a financial strain on %-the new plan involles regularú rate increase requests instead of a surcharge on the moothly bills. b grk e says thee!!ge says thatl help save people by helping them dress to impress. weekend and you are going to want to check out the handmade clothing that will be on display. ú%chelle murrhy ann melanii from the cotour are joining us..3 >> tell me about the marylaad academy cotour art. -pp> last year we took classes r advanccd cotuor techniques.
8:35 am
and we learn how to make costume clothing. >> you're oing to model that ccothing in artscape. >> yes. >> who do we have first? >> katie. >> and these re thingssthht you all have made? p> yee, katie has conceived and3 ddsigned and madd this outfit in ccass. >> it's ellgant. p> au beautiful boucle and jacket wwth the ruffle collar ann mermaid skirt. she is a very talented yoong lldy. >> very nice and sse ooks good wearing it in. >> katie always ooks good. >> must be ice. we have another model. who is this? >> this is very talented michelle murppy. ú% michelle has hand painted the silk. she is incredibly talented that isshand painted silk.
8:36 am
>> wait a minuue, she hand painted that silk first aad designed and made this dress. and on september and fall he is going to start teaching the art of painting silk in our sccool. >> is this for sale t artscape. >> yes, ma'am. >> if you see me wearing it nexú week i was there. >> she cannhand paint anyykind design. i'm not talking to you because you don't have a microphhne. >> that's corrrct. at artscaae you will be able to sccrves and dresses and ties and et cetera. >> how labor-intensive is this. how long would this take to make? >> the dress doesn't take very long to make and neither dooss3 painttng theesilk, but it's a process. >> kay, yeahh i would imagine. it's veryynice, thank you so muuh. >> all right, and this is what
8:37 am
the kids are learn ago the ak testimoniacademy and then they t out for folkssto buy it?ú >> we not have only children. children arr primarily in our bbeiiner classes. classes in pattern making and advanccd cooour are open for all ages. >> thank you for joining us this morning. and have a great time at artscape. informaaion about artscape log on to 3
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>8:39 now oo fox 45 morning3 news. fooecast. meteorologist steve fertig good morning, megan and patrice. flash-flood watch t cecil s a county. it's the only county highlighted. here is what we're looking at the skyyhd radar. we're seeinggshowers moving from west to east and ittcontinues to -irculate around the upper level low as it slowly movee north and east bringing the bulk of rain we had last night. ú% the backside of it you can see showees toward the orthwest
8:41 am
movvng closer oward carroll ennugh..3 we will see a few aroond beffreú ttere'' an outside chance of an isolated shower orrttunderstorm. we're not talking about thunderstorms right now. the earlier strikes well off to3 our way. low pressuue that issstill lingering to the east slowlyy on the backside of it the showwrs linnering and we talked about them moving into the central county bb laterrthis morning as they re oing.úú%a y %-by later tonight, high pressue prrssure to the north diminishhs in our weather. -he front could bring us a shower or thunderstorm chance late friday night into saturday especially. this weekend could linger into the early morning hours on sunday. ittdries out once again as high
8:42 am
78 degrees in salisbury. 75 in hagerstown. we do expect temperatures to climb a little bit more today. getting to 75 degrees for theú ú%stern shore with more cloud cover with a chance of a shower -r thunderstorm.3 maybe a better channe there as moves to the north and eaathat iifluencinn the weather there in the central paat of the state wherr still ww get a shower ccance thii morning but later in to the northhand east the chancessbeeome less.3 hot and humid today and the westtrn part of maryland with the morning showers aad north and east.eginning to move -8 degrees sshuld do it with peeks of sunshine laaer in the day. 84 degrees for the noontime temperatuuee 86 at 6:00 p.m. %-diminishhng channes but still3 warm and with the humidity it wwll eel rather warm indeed. tomorrow we dry out as far as
8:43 am
sky conditions are concerned. it will be hot and humid then ann friday, oo. the late thunderstorms we spokk of friday commng in and saturday the thunderstorms this weekend, 92 deerees for tte high. out again. -2 on friday and a retuun of as a front oves in on tuesday wit3 a higg of 90 degrees. wert nowe're not egg go going e 90 degrees anytime soonn3 unfortunately we the delays won't budde for s on the parts of corridor. on the bbltway traveling through catonsvillee we alsoohaae an ccident that juut will not budggethhs it's a craah that cooppltely shuts down the ramp from eastbound route 50 on to 977 it's invvlving a truck that is actually into the woods there. so a lot of activity.3ú now you
8:44 am
oof all of this and the northbouud stretch. there'ssnoo ncidents there. let's see how it's lloking right northbound and southbound lanesú it'' going to be delay free. on the beltway a bit of delays to talk about, ooter or inner loop uu ttward the triple bridges. travels. back to you.3 enjoy a hot, summer concert ú%r free. ♪7
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life is a crab re. the baltimore museum. >> all right. joins us ttis morning with more. crab re. >> it's for the houseeof ruth. >> okay. >> onderful even. of action, wonderful music and
8:48 am
>> and ood food. here o do to show us some the >> this is one of dishes, it's called crabet. >> it has mayonnaise and ouble black soy sauce which you are not thinking about? >> i wasn't.3 ú% thhre's a lot i don't think of when it comes to food. >> a little garlic ann fresh ginger. >> and the certify ran ow serrad this is called serracha which is a hot chili sauce. you will find this in asian stores, very, very good and a >> t's pretty ann add some color in there. and we have --
8:49 am
>> how long oes it take you to mix it up. >> not too long. craa meat right from ccmmridge. >>just like the crab cake e're going to ive it a bath with all of these wonddrful spiccs. >> it should and we're making them clean. ú% giving them a bath, okay. >> and a little pa panko bread >> it looks more chopped up.% >> it is so you get a nice light texture with that. youuwant to ttss it together. don'ttstir it?ú you breakup the lumps. >> we pay toppdollars or these luups and you cannt have it. there's a law somewhere around the -- it's a maryland law. >> that's why we llt them make it. whereaa they don't know how to
8:50 am
make t. >> they don't know. it's simple saateemaking the crabet and let it jump. >> it sounns so cute. it's not a big crab cake, is it like an appetizer. sounds like the foley revvee. >> only missing the pit fan this morning..3 >> it will be all be at the crab ret tomorrow morning.3 >> the house ruth amazing organizationn it really is. come to the cra crabet and niccd groin and warr to through tte center and it's easy to do. >> you brouggt a lot with you which is good news. we eat anything in the morning this early. -e want to let you know you caa
8:51 am
log on to find out more there. coming up next, baking unner bed can be a bad idea. the other ways you can get that glow without putting yourself at risk or ssin cancer. and bristol pplin is backkin the pptlight.3 what she ays has changed about ú%
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how can you get the bronze glow of a tan without exposing tanning booth. there's other options available. >> repooterr skin specialists saa there's nothiig as safe bronne rays. skknnto the tanning bed, sun less tanning products may be yourrbest alttrnative. %-wonder if these pose a health3 risk. the answer i no. in fact the american association of dermatology recommends hese
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the maan active ingredient when applied topically temporarily daaken the skin for a few days. remember, most un less tanning products don't contain sunscceen.ú if you are going to spend outdoorss putting on a suuscreen still rrmains essential. %-at a suumer coocert. for free ♪ >> your chance to win tickets to seeethe jjnas brothers perform live cooing up next. @@@@
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they're taking america by storm.
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♪7 ♪ >> tten sensations the jonas brothers have been rocking out anddstealing hearts since they the hit the music scene. they're coming to the jiffy lubú pavilion. (410)481-4545 and you will win a pair of tickets to see the onas brothers live in concert. if you don't win today, ww are going to ive awaa tickett all week so stay tunedd p>> lately mother nature has taken maryland by storm. heavy downpourr but now looking at lighter showers poosiile. 90 degrees or the high. it will be a hot and umid day humid. the drier aar moves in. we will see more sunshine tomorrow and friday as well. another chance of thunderstorms
8:59 am
comes late,,friday into saturday. >> when you get engauged most e3 families first, but the daughter of a prominent politician tells the media first. her baby's father. but she hasn't talked to her they reconnected while working ú custody plan nd got engaged two weeks ago. they are planning to tie the knottin the next six weeks. ú%istol came into the spotlight when her mother was running forú viie president with senattr mccain. >> can you imagine what my mom wouud ay? >> she is getttng marriid. ú% yeah. scared. >> i understaad why sheeiss3 scared, too. >> everybody is scared. >> have a good dayy >> we ill sse you.


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